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Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove Chooses Energy Eye to start saving Electricity

The Hyatt Regency Sanctuary cove on the Gold Coast recently completed the installation of the Energy Eye system in order to reduce their monthly electricity costs. Ian Crookston, director of Engineering set up the system in order to switch off the HVAC as well as all Guest Bedroom and bathroom lights when the guest room is unoccupied. This will give the hotel the maximum energy savings by reducing the load on the Central chillers for cooling, reducing operation of electric heaters during winter and offcourse reducing the wattage consumed by lights being left on. The Energy Eye also brings on the HVAC system automatically every 2 hours when the room is unoccupied to refresh and de-humidify the Guest room air.

Ian also chose to install an occupancy status light outside the guest room which is connected to the Energy Eye system which will light up when the room is occupied and thus allows housekeeping or maintenance staff to identify if there are guests in the room from the outside etc.....

Hotel Hospitality Design Show:- Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre 24-26th May 2010

Smart Hotel Solutions will be exhibiting at the forthcoming exhibition taking place in Melbourne. Please come visit us and view the award winning and latest products from Energy Eye. Hope to see you there.

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