About Us

Smart Hotel Solutions is an Australian company that has as its mission to conserve energy consumption in the Hospitality industry through the application of 'smart technologies' that both enhance the guest experience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In short:- "Saving Energy Today...for a Greener Tomorrow."

Electric energy is quickly becoming one of our most widely used... and abused commodities. With rising costs and depleted supplies of the natural resources that go into energy production energy conservation is quickly becoming the cheapest and easiest solution to the problem. Rising energy costs are affecting everyone from residential users to large commercial consumers. The Smart Hotel Solutions is useful for many applications of energy reduction any time an HVAC system is in use. This can extend to apartments, schools, offices and naturally hotels.

  1. Return On Investment (ROI) in as little as 6 to 24 months
  2. Save 25% - 40% on Air Conditioning and Heating (HVAC) operating expenses
  3. Enhance Property Asset Values State and Federal Tax Benefits
  4. Does Not Compromise Guest Comfort
  5. Wireless Sensors make Easy Installation Regardless of Construction
  6. Type Increases HVAC life span by Reducing Usage EPA
  7. Energy Star Partner
  8. Green Marketing Opportunity

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How it works.


  1. The Smart Hotel Solutions is capable of detecting whether or not a guestroom is occupied through information transmitted to the HVAC Control Module by our Passive Infrared Detector and Micro Door Sensor.
  2. When a guestroom is occupied, the Smart Hotel Solutions allows the guest to have full control over all temperature settings.
  3. If Smart Hotel Solutions detects an unoccupied guestroom, HVAC operation becomes regulated by our HVAC "Brain" Receiver/Controller, this initiates your energy-savings.
  4. Unoccupied guestroom temperatures are pre-determined by hotel/motel management allowing control over wasted electricity usage while still maintaining maximum guestroom comfort levels.
  5. Because of our Advanced Logic the system will not turn off while the guest is sleeping. This is because the PIR "People Detector" only needs to see the occupant enter the room the first time, no additional motion or heat sensing is necessary because the room is a closed space and already considered "occupied!"

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