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Crowne Plaza Alice Springs chooses Energy Eye

March 2009. The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs has chosen to Install the Energy Eye EMS (Energy Management system) to help them reduce their electricity expenses.

Principal Owner of the hotel Lloyd Berger says "Installation of 'Energy Eye' - an innovative technical solution to managing heating and cooling of guest rooms, allowing the hotel to minimize the energy consumption of its air-conditioning by detecting whether or not a guestroom is occupied. The system is smart enough to detect a room is occupied even when a guest is sleeping allowing a comfortable night's rest at their desired temperature"

Crowne Plaza Alice Springs sets a new benchmark for Australia's business sector and hotel industry when it switched on the largest building mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the Southern Hemisphere and began it's in-house energy efficiency program.

Energy Eye can either be set to switch off devices completely when guests are out their rooms or to maintain a set back temperatures which is specified by the hotel. The Crowne Plaza Alice Springs will also install the Energy Eye wireless Balcony door sensor to switch off the Air Conditioner units when the balcony doors are left opened.

Energy Eye achieves long term sustainability in reduction of Electricity Bills

It has been shown that by installing an effective occupancy based EMS (Energy Management System), will reduce your in room Air Conditioning use by 25-40 %. This results in a direct reduction in the total hotel's electricity bills by 10-20% and achieves long term sustainability in light of rising electricity costs for the future.

By effectively detecting the occupancy status of the guest rooms, the hotel management has the option to either switch the HVAC systems off or maintain room temperatures during unoccupied mode. During occupied room mode, the Energy Eye does not interfere with guest HVAC operation and the guest is free to choose their own settings etc.... for a 3 minute video presentation click on the following link:- (turn on your speakers)

Please call Smart Hotel Solutions today to discuss with us how we can reduce your electricity expenses.

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